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K-REDI Commissions Workforce Study

Kirksville Regional Economic Development, Inc. (K-REDI), recently retained the Growth Services Group (GSG), a national workforce intelligence and consulting firm, to conduct a Labor Commuting Certification for the Region. The Labor Commuting Certification provides a quick overview of the Commuting Worker Flows and the sources, destinations and characteristics for Adair County.

The primary goal for the report is to assess the workforce commuting patterns of the K-REDI Region and to communicate Live/Work information clearly and effectively through graphical means. The report will address the ongoing development and workforce needs of the area employers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. The focus is to show the K-REDI Region as a leading labor magnet in the 60-mile radius and to identify the sources, destinations and characteristics of the workforce and where they live and work.

Carolyn Chrisman, Executive Director of K-REDI, states, “Knowing who our workers are and where they come from is vital in our economic situation today. The more information we have, the better planning we can do for our community and companies.”

The availability, skills, talents and education of an area’s workforce is becoming more and more a community’s most important asset for economic activity. This profile is about measuring and quantifying workforce availability in a laborshed from which the employment center draws its commuting workers, with data drawn from the US Census.

The Report is used to assist local major employers as well as those looking to make new investment in the region by providing a clear understanding of the availability of skilled labor in the laborshed. An important first step in identifying local labor markets is to examine the commuting patterns of individuals who live or work in an area.


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