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What if you as an economic developer could help expand your local existing economy up to 22% with a single program? What if it was a program that you neither had to fund nor develop? What if this growth came from existing businesses?  Additionally, what if this same program also developed the competitiveness of your existing businesses and built the quality of your regional workforce? What if it was backed by research of over 30,000,000 employees worldwide? It would be a program that Economic Developers would need to deploy to keep their region competitive.

BR+E 22 is a program run by Growth Services Group. Massive global studies done by the Gallup Organization show that potential profitability of an industry can increase by 22%. They have shown by studying over 30 million employees that if they move into the top quartile of employee engagement that profitability, and productivity increase. Other factors that drive your economy down like turnover, safety issues, quality errors are also significantly reduced. The national average shows employee engagement at a mere 30%. Moving that from 30% in an organization to 80% can bring you to the 22% profitability gain for your regional organizations.

Growth Services Group was started by economic developers and we know how important it is to retain local industry, and to help them stay profitable and to grow. We know of no single program that can more radically affect your economy that BR+E 22. We use curriculum based on Gallup Data and principles gained from their massive study, and years of work in the Employee Engagement challenge. We reduce cost for your area employers by working with EDO’s to aggregate the education process. We can facilitate multiple organizations receiving the same training simultaneously has huge economies of scale. We charge reduced prices per employees for the educational series, surveys and materials provided them in this program.

GSG will help you as an EDO market the project to your local businesses. EDO’s won’t need to pay up front for the program. And by being the sponsoring organization the EDO creates an economy of scale for their region. This allows large and small organizations obtain training that is usually only affordable by large enterprises. GSG can also help you as an EDO obtain additional funding from WIBs and other sources for workforce development. It’s a win-win program that GSG is proud to present to you and your region.


  • 22% higher profitability, for those who can achieve the highest level of employee engagement.

  • Develop an understanding of your current workforce engagement and where areas of strength and concern exist.

  • Develop skills in your management team to increase employee engagement

  • 37% less absenteeism and turnover, 48% fewer safety incidents, 41% fewer product defects, 21% higher productivity, for those who implement engagement strategies fully.

  • A regional workforce with greater capacity and competitiveness.


A quick explanation of the ROI of Employee Engagement.

BR+E 22 is a great opportunity for your region. Discover why in this video. 

Randal, GSG Culture Change Consultant, speaks to employees from a municipality about employee engagement at an all-hands meeting kick off. 

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