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Labor reporting and analytics

Ever wonder why that “other” community consistently has success with existing business expansion, new entrepreneurial development and new business attraction? Ever wonder why not our community? Ever have an elected official or someone from your non-profit board question why your community didn’t win that recent project?

According to Area Development Magazine’s 28th Annual Survey of Corporate Executives, the number one and number three ranked site selection factors are Availability of Skilled Labor and Labor Costs. With this in mind, it is critical for communities to have an independent 3rd party workforce survey on hand that will certify the availability and detail the costs of your workforce. In other words, are you prepared to answer the most important questions regarding your workforce; What is it? Where is it? At what cost? And in what quantities?

A primary GSG goal is to help clients address the ongoing market and workforce needs of both existing and prospective businesses to promote investment within their region. New investment leads to creation of new jobs, increased tax base for taxing jurisdictions and municipalities and diversification of the local economy.


We specialize in Retail market reports, Labor data reports. We have practices in these areas: Labor data Consultants, Employee Engagement Consultants, Labor Report Consultants, Economic Development Consultants. 

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