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City of Moberly Will Conduct Retail Study to Determine Local Demand

The City of Moberly recently retained Growth Services Group (GSG), a national retail analysis and consulting firm, to conduct a Retail Market Study for the City. This retail study will provide a demographic and economic overview of Moberly to determine the potential for new businesses to start and locate in the City of Moberly. The final report will assist the City and Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC) in attracting retailers, restaurants and other service businesses to the area.

GSG will conduct primary research to capture consumer preferences from residents. To assist with the research, the City of Moberly will include a link to an online survey in residents’ utility bills in early 2019.

“This retail study will focus on what the people of Moberly want and what they would support,” said Brian Crane, City Manager. “We can put this study together with other data that we have to help attract new retailers to the City and encourage local entrepreneurs to start new ventures.”

After this study is completed in spring 2019, the City of Moberly will work with MAEDC to analyze the results and update their plan for recruiting retailers and franchises to Moberly. MAEDC will also identify the gaps in the retail market and encourage entrepreneurs to help fill those gaps of unmet demand.

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