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Northeast Missouri Development Partnership Commissions Workforce Studies

Kirksville, MO – The Northeast Missouri Development Partnership (NMDP) has retained the Growth Services Group, a national workforce intelligence and consulting firm, to conduct two surveys of area employers. The process will involve one survey for industrial employers in the region as well as an additional survey of healthcare providers in the region culminating in two reports.

The goal of the surveys is to evaluate the area’s workforce from the employers’ perspective. The results will be used to identify and address workforce issues within the region and take steps to assure that the needs of the area employers are being met, both now and in the future.

Local employers will be asked to provide information about their employee base, including wages, salaries, benefits, commuting distances, skill levels and their experiences when hiring new workers. The results will be used as a part of an aggregate report and individual responses will remain confidential.

The survey will be sent to employers electronically, and it is designed to be user friendly and take approximately 30 minutes to complete. “We encourage all those receiving the survey to participate; higher participation rates will enable us to identify and address issues that are of importance to our employers” added Carolyn Chrisman, NMDP Chair.

According to Chrisman, It is the Northeast Missouri Development Partnership’s mission to attract quality businesses to the region from around the world, and to maintain foundational efforts to improve the region’s competitiveness.

Developed in 2008, the Northeast Missouri Development Partnership represents cities, counties and organizations in the Northeast Missouri region. The main purpose of NMDP is to create jobs and increase the capital investment of the region. NMDP has a presence on the regional, state, and national level with an emphasis on marketing the region to prospective new industry, networking, economic development, education, and providing a common voice on issues that affect the region. For more information, visit the organization’s website at

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