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I am pleased to announce that Melissa Kruse is joining the team at Growth Services Group (GSG). Melissa holds a MBA with emphases in Marketing and Finance from the University of Missouri and a BS in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Iowa. She has spent the last 15 years gaining experience in research and data analysis by working in both the pharmaceutical and financial analysis industries.

Melissa currently works at the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR). Her research and analytical skills will be a great fit for GSG. Melissa’s strengths include her expert knowledge of Excel, report writing skills, experience with computer programming, and attention to detail. In her free time, Melissa enjoys reading, playing video and board games, and traveling with her husband.

Melissa has a keen interest in data and her experience fits well with GSG’s goal of providing workforce intelligence for communities to promote growth through new business investment. Melissa will be working closely with GSG’s nation-wide customer base, which includes private businesses, site consultants, communities and economic development organizations, in an effort to assist them in identifying barriers to economic growth and providing workforce solutions for use in marketing, site evaluation and support of community or regional planning for workforce development.

The Growth Services Group (GSG) is a workforce intelligence research and consulting firm located in Moberly, Missouri, that provides information services to businesses as well as local and regional economic development groups on a variety of issues. GSG uses proprietary methodologies and processes to offer clients rigorous data analysis which results in an exhaustive knowledge of all aspects of the subject labor force. The products and services relate closely to the importance of quantifying and connecting workforce assets with traditional economic development practices for retention, expansion and attraction; as well as entrepreneurial development.

For additional information on Melissa’s professional experience, visit her LinkedIn profile at

To learn more about GSG products and services please visit the organization’s website at or follow GSG on LinkedIn at

Corey J Mehaffy, CEO

Workforce Intelligence for Growing Business

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