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West Plains, MO—The South Central Workforce Investment Board has retained the Growth Services Group, LLC., a national labor market research consulting firm, to administer a local Labor Supply Certification. The random household survey will be conducted via electronic survey. Residents of the WDB service territory are encouraged to participate when contacted. The goal of the survey is to identify the available labor force at the local and regional level by type, education, experience, skills, costs, and under what conditions they would be available for employment.

This area of research, from the household survey, reflects the views and perspective of workers and non-employed persons from age 18 through 64 and represents the supply side of the workforce. The findings will reflect both the current and desired work opportunities of those who are available for work and those who are underemployed. This data complements public data sources for the area.

Labor is a key factor in site selection for employers. In fact in Area Development magazine’s 2014 Corporate Survey, “availability of skilled labor” was the number one response. GSG reports quantify the workforce so that the local labor force assets are well defined to those who are looking to potentially employ. The respondent’s comments will be confidential and will only be reported in the aggregate or grand totals.

According to Melissa Robbins, Executive Director of the South Central Workforce Investment Board, participating in the survey is very important.

The results from the survey will allow site selectors and businesses to better evaluate the area’s human resource assets for “Underemployment, Available Skills, and Desired Wages,” thus allowing potential employers to match their labor needs or demand with our local area’s labor supply. To obtain a link to the survey, contact the Board at 417-257-2630 or visit

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