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Imagine the ability to discuss the relevant information below with an existing employer during your next BR&E visit. How much more productive would your visit be? Or, imagine sharing detailed information like this with a prospect during your next site visit. How might the opportunity to share this level of information help set you apart from the other candidate sites on the short list?

Would it be helpful to know whether your community is a magnet for employment or labor force provider?

Or how would sharing this information help prospects better understand your workforce assets and gain confidence that they can attract and retain quality employees in your region? Can you answer these important questions about your workforce?

What are the characteristics of workers who commute in, out and within your community or the regional labor market?

How many workers employed in nearby city live your community? What are the characteristics of those workers?

Where do young workers live who are employed in the geographic area?

Where are the workplace destinations for workers living in your community or neighborhood?

Or questions like… How does your employment area compare in terms of worker origin patterns, worker ages, monthly earnings and industry sector employment?

How is the area changing over time and among different demographics?

How many workers that earn more than $3,333 per month live in a certain residential area and work downtown or in other industry concentrations?

How many potential employees live and work near a candidate site location?

Or how about a trend analysis over time by Age, Income & Industry which allows you to answer questions like the following:

• Is your workforce getting older or younger? At what degree to compared unit? • Is income growing or slowing? At what degree to compared unit? • Is Industry mix changing? At what degree to compared unit?

Labor data is your competitive advantage!

GSG Labor Commuting Certification provides employers and communities with key data for workforce planning. The goal is measuring and quantifying workforce availability within a labor shed from which the employment center draws its commuting workers. GSG Data is drawn from US Census and BLS and provides for a uniform methodology across U.S. locations allowing for indexing to any locations down to the census tract level.

The report also highlights unique characteristics and answers important questions about local resident workforce and local employed workforce. The report analyzes three age groups, three income groups and jobs in three industry sectors. Seeing the mix as a percentage of overall creates a real advantage in labor market analysis.

Would you like to know more? Visit our website today to view a product webinar and learn more about this product as well as other GSG products and services. For more detailed information and to view a copy of the actual product, please sign up today for a FREE Live Demo. Remember to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Corey J Mehaffy, CEO Workforce Intelligence for Growing Business GROWTHSERVICESGROUP.COM | 809 FOX RUN, MOBERLY MO 65270 | 660.353.1726

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