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RSH Group Endorsement of GSG

"We strongly endorse Growth Services Group as a premier supplier of work force data reporting. Their quality of labor reporting is not just critical, it is essential in the work that we do as site selectors." —James Renzas, Principal of the RSH Group.

The number one issue that keeps corporate executives up at night according to James Renzas, Principal of the RSH Group, is their work force.

"In most of the projects we work on, the first question corporate executives ask is: We are concerned about the future of our labor force. How are we going to be able to get those people, and keep those people with the skills that are necessary to help our company grow in the future?"

With 35 years of site selection experience, James Renzas was thrilled to discover the work of GSG with the countless labor and market reports they provided.

Labor data is needed these days more than ever. Companies are becoming more and more specific in their industries, and as Renzas says, "You can't just be a generalist anymore, you have to be a specialist...You need to know exactly what your labor market is like and what kind of skills you have, or else they won't even bother to visit. I don't." Census data doesn't cut it, because it is already about three to four years old. With labor being the paramount factor for 90% of site selections in Renzas' experience, it is essential that companies receive fresh, accessible labor data upon request or else the site will be eliminated from further review.

This is exactly what companies are looking for. GSG is a company built by economic developers who understand what it takes to land large projects and provide the fresh, concrete data needed to pull it off. It's an invaluable resource.

James Renzas, Principal of the RSH Group, discusses the work of GSG and the importance of labor data, in a live interview.

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